BOZ Exchange Rates


The LuSE All Share Index maintained the previous close of 6,121.26 points as no price movements were recorded. Trading was recorded in CEC, SCZ, ZANACO and MFIN. A total of 17,406 shares were traded in 11 trades resulting in a turnover of K29,109.

The LuSE market cap today was recorded at : K66,306,000,000 ,including Shoprite and K32,067,000,000, excluding Shoprite.


BOZ Exchange Rates

Currency Buying Selling
US Dollar 6.5411 6.5611
GB Pound 9.8974 9.9316
Euro 7.7467 7.7710
Rand 0.5590 0.5611

The kwacha has fallen to an all time low following pressure from an increased dollar demand.

In the last two days the kwacha has been in free fall trading at around 6.55 to a dollar and showing no signs of holding down.

Market experts reckon that the speculative nature of elections and also the fact that oil prices on the international market are tumbling may be contributing to the chaos in the international market.

Zambia is set to hold presidential elections on January 20 with the outcome far from certain.

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