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Edgar Lungu’s Mandevu Rally

PF President Edgar Lungu has promised to recognise Henry Chanda Sosala as the new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu once elected republican President.

And Mr Lungu said that he will revisit the recently adjusted retirement and ensure that the debt  owed by the Post Newspapers and its business is recovered if he becomes Head of State.

Addressing thousands of people that attended the Mandevu rally Sunday afternoon, Mr Lungu said he will listen to the views of the people when he becomes President.

‘My leadership will be about servant hood, I will be your number one servant and I will listen to the people of Zambia. As a servant you can’t overrule your bosses, all of you are my  masters and am your servant,’ Mr Lungu told the cheering crowd.

Mr Lungu reaffirmed that under his administration, Zambia will maintain its Christian principles.

‘I am God fearing, how many of you went to Church this morning? Let us thank God for all we go through, am privileged to be here and that makes me humble and I will allow God to use me as he pleases.’

He added, ‘Zambia is a Christian nation, this is not just a slogan, it is a principle, it is a fundamental principle in which we believe. As Christians, I can promise you that I will keep my word. I have kept my word since I started politics and I pledge to keep my word as I go into State House.’

Mr Lungu also asked the Church to pray for politicians in order to remain humble even as they become powerful.

The PF President also took a serious dig at the Post Newspapers for the negative publicity his campaign has been receiving.

‘Tomorrow you will hear in the newspaper that Lungu’s Mandevu rally flopped, don’t worry about that, as my enemies are pulling me down, God is lifting me up. There is one newspaper that can’t sell if there is no Edgar Lungu.’

Mr Lungu further emphasised his respect for traditions and customs of Zambia by respecting all the Chiefs.

‘Yesterday I was in the Western Province and I paid a courtesy call on the Barotse Royal Establishment including his Majesty the Litunga, I had a nice time with him, there are my parents and he told me to continue being myself, nice and easy and that God will reward me,’ he said.

Mr Lungu stated that, ‘even when I go to State House I will listen to you and I will respect all the Chiefs. I will respect the Litunga, Mpenzeni and Chitimukulu, I speak about Chitimukulu because there are people that want to use this as political capital.’

He added, ‘Let me tell you a secret, when I was appointed S.G, I went to meet the boss and I asked him about the Chitimukulu issue and he told me that it was being resolved and the truth is that the Chitimukulu has now gone back to the palace and the police have been pulled out. Some unscrupulous people are cheating you that they will sort out the Chitimukulu problem. When I go to State House on January 20, I will sign a Statutory Instrument recognising the Chief.’

‘The other thing they are talking about is the constitution. I released the draft constitution within two months when I went to the Ministry of Justice. I can guarantee you that by 2016 there will be a new constitution,’ Mr Lungu pledged.

The PF leader also stated that he will go out and ensure that the debtowed by the Post Newspapers and its business partners is collected once he becomes President.

‘There are people in this country who are up to no good, they are denying the country taxes, what am saying to those people who are not paying taxes is that we will follow you. You will pay all the taxes. We will empower ZRA to collect as much money as possible from all the people in business. Some people have  friends in Government who have been shielding them from paying taxes. Those billions should come back to the coffers of the state so that it can be used to develop this country.’

He added, ‘This is what they are scared off and that is why they are writing lies about me. We will collect the money. They are cheating Zambians that Edgar is not the right candidate but you know those are lies. I know he has heard and I know tomorrow he will write about me.’
Mr Lungu further stated that he will not be intimidated by anyone in running national affairs.

‘They are a few things going on, am a lawyer myself and a good lawyer for that matter. Those who are doubting should go to court and ask, how good was that chap? I am a very fearless person, fearless I was in court, fearless I will be in politics.’

On the retirement age of 65 years, Mr Lungu said he will revisit the issue once elected President.

‘That matter is unfortunate. The President first discussed it with us in 2011, he didn’t agree with it because he didn’t believe in it and when I acted as President  I never  signed it. I don’t want to cast aspersions on the Acting president but we are going to visit that law as PF because it is the cry and demand of the people.’

Mr Lungu has promised to investigate why it is easier for foreigners to get wealthy than it is for Zambians.

“After you vote for me, I will investigate why it is difficult for citizens to acquire wealth as quickly as foreigners. I will make the acquisition of land easier for Zambians,” Mr Lungu said.

Speaking at the same rally, Education Minister Dr John Phiri said Zambians should not vote for old tired politicians on January 20, 2015.

Dr Phiri said it is only the PF under the leadership of Edgar Lungu will the country be able to develop for the benefit of the Zambian people.

The Education minister said the people of Eastern Province have assured Mr Lungu 100 percent votes come January 20, 2015.

He said those enemies of Mr Lungu either within the party or outside the party will be scattering one by one adding that they will not achieve their miscued agenda.

And Kabwata Area Member of Parliament Given Lubinda said the UPND manifesto is a weak one and that it is utopia for them to implement what they are promising to the Zambian people.

Mr Lubinda said UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should not cheat people that he will govern the nation with a cabinet of 25 MPS.

He said people should vote for Mr Lungu who will be able to take forward the legacy of the late President Michael Sata.

Meanwhile, Chililabombwe Member of Parliament Ester Banda said Zambians should give PF a chance to rule this country for continued development.

Ms Banda said even when president Sata left the nation, he had to leave instrument of power with Edgar Lungu because he knew that he was a capable person.

She said there are so many people the late president Michael Sata would have left to act , but that he was satisfied with the able leadership of Mr Edgar Lungu.

And Itezhi Tezhi member of Parliament Greyford Monde told the crowd to vote for Mr Lungu because he will continue with the development projects that President Sata initiated.

Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya said it is clear that people want Mr Lungu to be the President.

“I am appealing to you to work hard so that Mr Lungu wins this election. I am working in the background to ensure that Mr Lungu becomes President of this country,” Father Bwalya said

And Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba assured investors and the diplomatic community that the country is stable and peaceful.

Speaking at a PF campaign rally in Mandevu constituency in Lusaka to canvass support for Party President Edgar Lungu in the January 20, 2015 presidential by-elections, Mr Kalaba urged diplomats and foreign investors not to worry about their investments and political stability of the country ahead of the January 20, 2015 polls.

He reiterated that the country has always been peaceful and will remain peaceful during and after the campaigns and elections.

And Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili echoed the sentiments of Mr Kalaba saying that the country would not plunge into chaos.

Mr Kambwili urged Zambians not to change government as doing so will be a recipe for political instability and loss of US$87 billion worth of investments that the PF administration has managed to bring into the country.

The Minister said Zambia under the PF remains a favourable investment destination and urged voters to ensure that PF continues in government to foster on-going job and wealth creation programmes across the country.

Mr Kambwili said the PF is committed to empowering the youths and had recently increased allocation to the Youth Fund from K4 million under the MMD regime to K29 million.

He said PF President Edgar Lungu once elected as republican president will ensure continuity of the robust economic development the late President Michael Sata initiated.

The rally was punctuated by performances by musicians Wesley Chibambo (Dandy Krazy), Jordan Katembula (JK) and Mozegator, among others.

Euphoria characterised the rally when Mr Lungu arrived aboard a helicopter, which flew over the arena before it landed while people sang songs of praise for Mr Lungu

 source:Lusaka times

Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is not wise to ask such questions.