Over 50 female pupils at Mukonchi Secondary School in Kapiri Mposhi district have abandoned their school dormitories opting to rent accommodation in the nearby villages for them to have freedom to indulge in sexual activities and beer drinking.

Mukonchi Secondary School Head-teacher Harrison Shikapwasha says this involves   grade 12 and nine examination pupils who recently reported for lessons after examination classes were reopened.

ZANIS reports that Mr Shikapwasha disclosed the development today to Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner Smart Mwila who visited the school which operates as a weekly boarding school.

The head-teacher complained that the situation has resulted in most girls getting infections such as HIV /AIDS and falling pregnant and dropping out of school.

He further disclosed that at least 30 girl pupils drop out of school every year at the learning institution due to pregnancies.

And District Commissioner Smart Mwila has expressed concern with the state of affairs at the learning institution, saying government will do everything possible to rectify the situation.


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