We only need one moment in time. Only that one moment to see our full worth and the depth of the potential locked up within us. It is in that one moment in time that all courage is ours, when all the elements call out to us to be what we were put here below for. And heeding to the voice when deep calls to deep, we arise and watch the tables turn; in that deep moment of reckoning where we are challenged from within, to be or not to be.

In that moment, we watch the tables turn as the child emerges warrior and the pauper arises to be prince. We sit and wonder and none can understand that both the child and the pauper simply took hold of the moment and dared to reach out to the inner man and heed the call to be.

a moment in time

Like a kiss from an African rose or a sip of a water lily, so are life’s chances. Often the finest of moments pass us by before we even so much as recognise them. And yet they happen to us all. We each have our time and chance. We may not be assured of a conducive atmosphere to enable us get the part. But the fact is that at that particular time, the chance is ours and so is the part. But alas! How often indeed are life and love bitter-sweet teachers. We don’t need to be taught the same bitter lesson twice. Get up, be awake to your time, get hold of your chance, let the situation unfold before you as you bravely get your part. There’s a part waiting just for you. Recognise your time and indeed get hold of your chance. We must each actively participate in the personal olympics!

Creflo Dollar, a renowned American Minister of the Gospel and Senior Pastor at World Changers Church International, explained the workings of God in a simple but deep way when talking about the path to fulfillment. Apparently Creflo’s father was a policeman! He taught Creflo how to shine a police boot really well. By well is meant that he had to use the only shoe polish approved even by Zambia Police instructors – Kiwi! In shining shoes, his father taught him the essence of a successful life – service. Never let those chances to serve pass you by. They may not be the finest, they may not even have the appearance of an opportunity, but service has a way of shaping us from the inside out. And who thought shining shoes would teach the art of selfless service? Even as Reverend Creflo Dollar learnt that the passage to our passion is through the hallway of service, so also must we all.

We may be right to conclude that God will not entrust a man who has never learned how to serve another. The way to greatness is through becoming passionate about that which is another’s. And only through that will God give you your own passion, sometimes using the most unlikely means. God will gently, or even abruptly, unwrap His passion for you. With that He will give both the zeal and the might. Therefore, we must serve, whether we feel like it or not and whether our efforts are recognized or not. Such service is the test of the authenticity of our heart. Usually as we immerse ourselves, others may feel that is not the right place for us and we may equally be persuaded to do so. The place where you are may not look like a good place, but from heaven’s perspective, that may be the best place. In the day of your manifestation, God will both bless you and dress you.

Many are the chances that come in form of career opportunities. They offer more money than the last job and especially so if one had none. The great question in the face of a career opportunity is whether that job meets the passion hidden deep within. The greater question should be whether we actually know that passion which we long to fulfill. We go searching after appearances of grandeur and like a mirage, the more we approach, the further they draw from our grasp. Career and calling are the two close cousins that couldn’t be further apart. Get hold of one and the other slips through our fingers. Every so often, we actually get to do what we enjoy and get paid for it. Every so often, passion meets career and heroes are born. And for the greater part of us, the race continues; a marathon towards an opportunity that may meet our deepest desire and reward us in the most handsome way possible. But till that happens we ought to remember, in the words of Comedian and entertainer Steve Harvey, “A CAREER is what we are paid for and a CALLING is what we are made for.”

Go ahead and achieve your fullest potential because YOU ARE SOMEONE!